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TÉMA: Au pair - podvod?

Au pair - podvod? 05 úno 2014 13:20 #12983


dnes mi prisla odpoved od svobodneho otce z Londyna. Nabizi mi 300 GBP/week, coz mi prijde hodne...cely mail je takovy hodne vstricny, na to, ze je to vlastne 1. emil primo me (napsala jsem mu, ze mam zajem o jeho nabidku, on mi na to odpovedel, takovy ten vseobecny popis prace zacinajici DEAR AU PAIR, na to jsem mu odpovedela neco o sobe, poslala dear family letter a fotky...no a na to mi odpovedel tohle)

Hello Lenka,

I hope my mail finds you in good health.

How are you doing?.I received your message with your CV attached as i
requested, and i have read through it very well. I will want you to
join us here in the nearest future, and have already discussed your
coming with my son, Emmanuel, and he's happy to learn that you will be
joining us. We live in a three bedroom apartment in 143 Glucester, in
London here.I am a single father, I lost my wife in an fatal auto
crash some months backs. I work as an Engineer in here.I want to hire
someone who will take good care of Emmanuel, especially when i am not
around. Emmanuel is a lovely child, and fun to be with. He love
watching TV. he has a dog, scooby. We have not had an au pair before,
and i do hope your coming will be a successful one.
Your duty here will be to take care of Emmanuel, prepare him for
school, do his laundry, help him do his home works and clean him up as
well as make him happy by playing with him.You will be required to
work for approximately 30 hours per week. Every weekend, will be spent
with the family or anywhere as you would have the weekends off.You
will be paid 300GBP every week as your pocket money(1200GBP/month). If
you would love to ask any questions, you are free to send in a

Do you have any ailment?.
Are you allergic to anything?
Will you be able start with us on or before the end of March?
Are you living with you parents?

Hope to hear from you ASAP.

Warmest Regards.
Mr.Smith Adam Henry

co si o tom myslite?
diky za reakce :)
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Au pair - podvod? 05 úno 2014 13:27 #12985

aha, tak uz to vidim v jinem foru: www.lochneska.cz/forum-2/aupair/1666-au-pair-podvody?start=24 ...
je to podvod..skoda :/ a lze nejak upozornit server? protoze jina uzivatelka tady pise, ze ma s timhle cloveke zkusenost uz z rijna 2013...a tedy podvodnik na strankach porad je...
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Au pair - podvod? 05 úno 2014 14:35 #12986

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Urcite ma server nejake contact info.
Staci jim tam napsat
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Au pair - podvod? 28 bře 2014 13:53 #14171

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